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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XXIII

                              Get Back

         Looking back over this long winter, now that spring is here, I thought I would pick a few pictures that would represent the early weeks of this transition.
   The waxwings were taken during an early spring snowstorm that my heavy-duty snow thrower barely budged.

As plentiful as cardinals are here near the 45 parallel they seem to be a tough bird to catch in an interesting pose. It would be a blast to finally get a good picture of one in flight. They hang tough all winter.


    I was leaving for work one morning in Detroit when the moon was just setting. There were blackbirds perched on the power wires making a racket. Spring was in the air and the sight caught my eye.

   The wires I imagine as a crazy music staff with the whole note moon and quarter note crow resting on the space above the top line suggesting a long G tone which is the original key of the Beatles song "Blackbird."
Such are the thoughts of a free associative mind!

There in the clutter you'll see the strange visitor we spotted yesterday in the alley across from the firehouse. One very bright firefighter remembered it was a Guinea-fowl before the Iphone jockey's could google the information up. Hooray for her. But what of the mystery? Has this African insect and seed eating bird also found the vacant lots of Detroit a perfect homesteading choice? If so, remember you heard it here first!

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