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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XVIII

Something rather strange went down this week while I was out collecting photographs over by Dow's Chemicals Plant in Midland at Whiting Overlook Park. Overlook Park was created for the citizens of this fair city to be able to view the birds that flock there in large numbers to partake of Dow's retention ponds that are used to cool processes and therefore remain largely unfrozen for much of the winter.  I go there to practice photography, my camera  pressed up against the chain link and barbed wire fence that separate the park from the company ponds. This day I was standing by the fence trying desperately to catch a picture of the swallows that fly madly over the ponds catching bugs. On the other side of the fence a red pickup truck pulled up, window rolled down, and a guard shouted out at me, "Hey, you can't take pictures here!"     "Well okay", I said, "This doesn't seem right. I'll check with the Police and get back to you on that one."  I'm not inclined to take on face value the word of corporate security as to what I can or can not do in a public park but I like to know the cards in my hand before I bet. I wandered back up the hill, got in my car and prepared to leave. Just then a big white SUV adorned in a array of fog lights came barreling up as I was pulling out. The SUV did not park but followed me out of the drive and down Poseyville road. I decided to do the old OJ Simpson slow chase and drove 20mph in the right lane. The SUV stuck right on my tail. I gave him the slip pulling a quick left turn in traffic and went over to another pond to continue my days shooting. When I got back to my car this time a Midland County Sheriff  was there to greet me. He was a nice kid and assured me that Dow Chemical could not prevent me from taking pictures in a public park but that Dow was concerned I might be doing some industrial spying or worse and so called the cops on me. Do you think maybe the guards could have spoken with me at some point over the last six months I've been going there? Great, I've got corporate security people following me around town immersed in the delusion that their reach extends beyond Dow's gilded gates! Morons.

Introducing our new young Bald Eagle showing off his stuff at Whiting Overlook Park.

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