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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIX


Writers Block 

Once in a while my brain locks up and nothing of note comes to mind. The muse, of course, is fickle and ideas can be as rare as hen's teeth. I knew this day would come and so I have hatched a plan. I am excited to use the space next to the Mute swan and Tree swallow to introduce you to the work of Jack William Binder, 10 year old son of Sgt. Craig Binder my friend and fire fighting brother in arms. Jack William is a poet and an all around creative guy who never ceases to amaze us with his insights into the human condition. He is an old soul, as the mystics say, and speaks with an authority and clarity that often chills me. Here is one of his recent reflections, "The Artist," that expresses eloquently the soul of a youthful creative spirit.

The Artist

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I wonder if my art will ever be hung in a museum.

I hear my art make noise as I work on it.

I see it moving in my mind.

I want my art to come to life.

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I pretend to swim in the oceans I draw.

I feel the roughness of the bark off the trees I draw.

I touch the fur or the scales off the animals I draw.

I worry my art wont be good.

I cry when my art is a sad drawing.

I am a creative guy who likes art.

I understand the story of other people’s art.

I give compliments to everyone’s art work.

I dream I am famous for my art.

I try to get A’s in art class.

I am a creative guy who likes art.
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