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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XVI

The Great Blue Heron Revealed

In the back of my house the Pine River has been locked in ice since December 8th. That is three solid months and the novelty of skating and skiing on it has worn thin. During the warmer months we are treated to the sight of Great Blue Herons slowly, carefully, stalking the shallows for the frogs and fish. At night I hear their haunting croaking as they fly away to some secret place. When Suzanne and I paddle our kayaks these ultra shy birds stay a step ahead of us, flying away as soon as our quiet boats round the bend. I constantly have to remind myself when walking out of the house, my mind preoccupied with some chore, to open and close the door silently lest I spook a Blue or Green heron and miss a chance to see them making their living.
So what an unbelievable pleasure for this budding birder to have before me the sights of the Venice Rookery. A privileged look into the nursery of the Great Blue Heron!

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