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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XV

The Great Egret  (Ardea alba)

These photos were taken on a bright  afternoon just outside of Sarasota, Florida in an area known as the Celery Fields. These wetlands had been drained in the last years of the 1800's for agricultural use. The main crop grown here was...celery! In 1994 the land was purchased by Sarasota county and re-crafted again into wetlands capable of storing excess rainwater. Soon after the birds returned and it is claimed 185 species have been observed here in the years since. Florida is catching on to the fact that bird watching is a big eco-tourist attraction.

Blown Highlights Are Us!
It was a tough test trying to get pictures of these brilliant white waders that weren't blown out. How wonderful it would be to spend a month photographing these magnificent critters instead of a couple hours. I'm sure there are ways to compensate for such conditions that I'm not aware of other than waiting for an overcast day. Mid-day sun is sure good for getting the fast shutter speeds necessary for Birds in flight though.

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