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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

World Bird Wednesday X

Sibling Rivalry
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The temperature dropped to a wicked eight degrees below zero last night. Most of the water is frozen thick and solid on the lakes and rivers except for a little open area on the Eagle's pond that is crowded with the wintering ducks, geese, and swans who compete for the fish there. High above in the bland gray overcast two of the young Bald Eagles that visit here daily engage in a high stakes game of aerial dogfighting. My untrained eye tells me one of the birds, colored in mottled white and brown tones, is an immature Bald Eagle somewhere between one and three years old and the other is reaching maturity as its head and tail are whitening into its adult plumage meaning it is three or four years old. Usually the game begins with one bird relaxing in a tree near the pond when the other comes cruising through the restricted air space. The resting bird takes to the sky to meet the intruder. Upward they circle jockeying for position until an advantage is gained and one bird closes on the other ripping at the unfortunates tail feathers. Consistently the older of the two wins these jousts and the both of them then retire alighting in the crowns of nearby trees to cool off. It reminds me exactly of how my well meaning older brother used to kick my butt in an effort to toughen me up for life in our no nonsense Detroit neighborhood. This is tough love at its essence.                   
     This weekend I was lucky enough to position myself between the sun and these warrior eagles and get a great light for individual close-ups. This winter is my first as a serious devote of bird photography and these marvels have stoked my enthusiasm day after day.


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