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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World Bird Wednesday IX

The Downy Woodpecker[Picoides pubescens] is the smallest woodpecker in North America.

Up close and personal!

I was all set to go out to the eagle pond one gray day this week and see if I could make any headway shooting in the low light. As soon as my hand touched the door knob it started to snow and I gave up on that idea. The dishes needed washing so I shifted my mind set from crack photographer to domestic servant. The window above my sink looks out over the back yard and the river. As I began to suds up I caught sight of a Pileated Woodpecker banging on the tree near the high bank! Crack photographer threw off his apron and shot into action. In a blur of motion the tripod was set up and with the big 400mm strapped on to it  I was ready for bear. I nudged open the sliding glass door and with the cold air pouring into the house I clicked off a few reference shots. I had not seen a Pileated in the six years since I saw my first and this guy was calmly pounding the tree and paying me no mind. I looked down at my camera settings to make some adjustments and when I looked back up the bird was gone and the meter reader from the electric company was trudging through the yard oblivious to everything.Yikes! Crack photographer put away his gear and went back to sulk in his suds with thoughts of what might have been.
Curses, foiled again! 

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