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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beware the Titmouse! WBW VII

Baeolophus bicolor
One of the great little friends a person can make in the Michigan woods during winter is the Tufted Titmouse, a gregarious bird that doesn't mind the company of humans and enjoys their feeders. I have read that loggers back in the 1800's hand trained these birds to the point where they practically became personal assistants. The gray birds waited expectantly for the Shanty Boys to appear in the morning from the log cabins and accompanied them on their jaunts into the White Pine forests perching on the hats and shoulders of the workers. Certainly much of what went on in logging camps was exaggerated as the stories were told and retold but in this case I am a believer because it is a common sight on Utube to see these guys being hand fed. If you have the time and the inclination you could prove the point to yourself by sitting still and enticing them with a palm full of seed. Beware though, Tufted Titmice like to use animal hair to line there nests and may decide to use yours as this anecdote from Familiar Birds illustrates. We quote Mrs. Vitae Kite from 1925.
"Without the least warning he lit squarely on top of my head, giving me such a start that it was with great difficulty I controlled myself and sat still. At first I thought he was trying to frighten me away but soon changed my mind, when he began working and pulling at my hair with all his might. Now my hair has been very white for many years, but I still have plenty of it, and was more than willing to divide it with this little bird, so I steadied myself and 'held fast' while that energetic 'Tom' had the time of his life gathering 'wool' to line his nest, for that was what I now felt sure he was doing. He didn't seem to have much luck with the coils on top, so he worked around over my ear, where there were short loose hairs, and I could hear and feel him snip-snip as he severed them--not one by one, but in bunches, it seemed to me."
People were tougher in those days!

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