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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roadside Raptors WBW VI

Winter in the North, I am coming to understand, means reduced chances for the bird photographer to gather pictures because of the limited daylight hours and the monotonous, dreary cloud cover that blocks the sun so often. The light that animates and injects color into our lenses is in short supply these dismal days but all is not lost to the season. Certainly the bare lacy branches of winter reveal more of a trees crown than we would ever hope to observe in summer. So on my drives to and fro between Detroit and my home on the Pine River I am now taken with keeping a watchful eye on the naked tree tops that boarder the highway looking for birds of prey. My camera lays next to me on the passenger seat  fitted with the ungainly 400mm L ready to shake off its electronically induced trance. There is no telling where on the drive my peripheral vision will pick up the sight of a feathery protrusion and so begin the reckless maneuvers that will bring my little red car to rest on the shoulder of the road in position to aim the lens and breathlessly try to gain focus. 18 wheelers whoosh by at orbital speeds and I rehearse my explanation to the cop that will one day come to assist me as the Canon clicks away at the befuddled bird that generally tolerates my erratic behaviour for about one minute tops before flying off. My friends congratulate me on having found the cure for normal.

Buteo jamaicensis [Eastern Red-tailed Hawk]

In my Red Tailed musings I chanced upon this brilliant Smithsonian site!  

   And now it's time for World Bird Wednesday VI!

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