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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XXXI

A Bad Hair Day Rant!

Anhinga Anhinga

      Paying the Stupid Tax...

    It might start with a slight miscalculation, like the time I tried saving money by cutting my own hair the afternoon before prom to help finance my dates corsage, or perhaps the tedium of repetition makes one incautious and so begins the avalanche of self inflicted misery we call the stupid tax. Like other forms of taxation it is as inevitable as your being served banana pudding at a monkey convention. Unlike other forms of taxation it is all the more damnable because it is self inflicted.
   I paid the stupid tax this week when my laptop caught the Bird flu and from the micro-chip Chicken coop that was my hard drive about twenty-five hundred recent captures flew off forever.
  You won't have to suffer the thumb thumping pain of hammering yourself with the stupid tax like I did if you'll remember to back up your precious files regularly and resist the urge to cut your own hair.
  Can I get an Amen!

A self administered haircut almost always goes wrong.

                                                                                                              The Pink '57
 I, like all the world's people, have the option of learning from my mistakes and so it was I gave up going to proms long ago and forever. It was a bad idea from the beginning, but I have kept on cutting my own hair. My locks are gray these days, at least those brave follicles that still persist. In my hay day my hair was shoulder length and limp, my ears stuck through and when sunburned gave the back of my head all the same appeal as the rear fins of the Pink '57 Lincoln my Dad got a deal on. My Pa was a self employed plumber with arms like a light heavy weight boxer, biceps earned from swinging four foot pipe wrenches. I was riding shotgun in the Pink Linc' when my eldest brother smashed it. He had to face the Old Man and pay the stupid tax. I stood with him and cried.
                                                                                                                      Roasting a Marshmallow...The length of a man's hair is not the social statement it was back in the 1960's. In this era anything goes. These days I have chosen for, what might be called a minimalistic approach. I set the clippers to their closest setting and so the wonders of my bean shaped head are revealed. In the spring of each year it is required I toast my tender scalp slowly in the hot sun like you might carefully roast a marshmallow to a golden brown over the coals of a campfire. If I broil it to quickly a weeks worth of painful skin peeling reveals a splotchy Pinto pony look I find it hard to be content with. God forbid my marshmallow head should melt off the stick and fall into the fire! There is no recovery from that. 
                                                                   (Please double click the storks picture, you won't be sorry!)

When Good Hair People Go Bad!
    When those of my loved ones, so blessed with thick hair, have an unfortunate bad hair day they will often and unaccountably call me, a bald man of all people, to share their angst with.
    They think they can get to me! 
    To  help ease their "suffering" I urge them to ponder this bit of sage advice mined from a fortune cookie many moons ago.

             "Complain not about your sore toe to a man who has no foot!"

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