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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XXVII

                  Working On My Night Moves

Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea Michigan even had Night-herons fluttering about. My wimpy "Birds of Michigan" field guide doesn't mention them and I only saw my first one in Florida last winter. No wonder I find myself fascinated and confused at the same time like a love sick kid. Night herons seem much more cordial to a photographers presence than the elusive Green heron that bolts at the slightest disturbance. Very curious, and why should the dull colored "second summer" Night-heron in the first picture be sporting adult breeding plumes? Perhaps this is perfectly normal and more than likely it is. The world seems to be spinning faster these days when even my own nieces and nephews are far ahead of the traditional learning curve when it comes to the pleasures and privileges of adulthood. I suppose it makes more sense when kids try to act like adults then when oafish grownups misguidedly don the trappings of youth in a hapless display of extended adolescence!  

Here is an adult Black Crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) ankle deep in the marsh. There is something reminiscent of a penguin here with his short bottom and formal tuxedo plumage. It must be the long winter that has me seeing penguins in a Great Lakes marsh in May. Even the pitfalls of my own excruciating obsolescence wouldn't account for an hallucination of this magnitude!

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