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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIII

Suzanne and I are spending our last half day in Florida before getting back to the business of shoveling water instead of swimming in it. We have a beautiful hotel room over looking the  white sand Gulf of Mexico coast line. The birds we have seen from our fourth floor window could fill a thousand pages. Indeed, we skitter along the break water our heads on a 360 degree swivel trying to absorb our fanciful surroundings. "Look," I say,"A porpoise fishing!"
"A porpoise with a purpose," She responds. Right! I am super-tourist with my over sized lens hanging from my neck like a wacky medallion and my neck as pink as an embarrassed flamingo. This is how we roll.
These little Heron nestlings are residents of the Venice Rookery a tiny patch of bird paradise packed with a menagerie of exotic bird life. I will be spending hours identifying the treasures stored on my SD card.
Now, back to the beach for one last time!

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