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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

World Bird Wednesday IV

                       Welcome to World Bird Wednesday

   When you only have a moment to take in the characteristics of a bird it is easy for the new birder to make inadvertant misidentifacations. Such was the case when this hawk landed in the tree next to the high bank.
  "A Red Tailed Hawk," I announced authoritativly. Wrong.
One picture can be worth a thousand foggy recolections and in this case the eventual verdict was a Broad-Winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus). When viewed with a recent picture of a Red-Tailed Hawk, seen below, it's easy to see the obvious difference in the breast feathers which was our main clue.
Broad-Winged hawks enjoy their summers in Michigan an elsewhere in North America than migrate to Northern South America, about a 4,300 mile jaunt, to winter over. Once at their wintering grounds the Broad-Winged hawk keeps about a one square mile home range. They love to rid the forest of small rodents perched aloft as this one is before diving in to take their prey.
   So be on guard young birders, mind your breast feathers or you too shall speak to hastily!

P.S. It seems there is some question that this may be a Red-shouldered Hawk. Did I speak to hastily again?
Bonus shot!

                                                           The Red-Tailed Hawk

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